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Praise for The Basketball Distribution:

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About the Author

My name is Nathan Walker.
In May 2011, I graduated from Appalachian State University with a BS in Communications/Advertising and a minor in Philosophy.

I loved math growing up. I have also been watching North Carolina basketball since I exited the womb. My well-versed, UNC-hating best friend (the guy who you can half-see on the left) introduced me to in high school, and I immediately dismissed it as a silly website, because it didn't match up with the polls. I still read it though, as my Tar Heels frequented the top.

As a freshman in college, my Honors-intro-to-math professor showed us how to do fancy things in Excel like create formulas and drag cells. One day I decided to use Excel to try and predict the final score of a game based on the current score and time remaining, as I had always mentally done at halftime.

Unfortunately, the spreadsheet wasn't perfect, so I kept trying to make more and more improvements, until I eventually realized I could predict final scores based on Ken Pomeroy's data. Eventually I started researching and blogging/tweeting my butt off on how teams and players work, and now I'm in a book!

So, I'm currently in Boone, NC, working in reporting and analysis for a non-profit organization. I am fairly obsessed with making music, and I am the singer/songwriter/sometimes-drummer/frontman/promoter for The Weekdays.

I did take a stats class once, promise:

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