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2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Cheat Sheet (UPDATED 3/17)

2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Cheat Sheet (UPDATED GOOGLE DOC 3/17)

Each team is ranked by their expected # of wins.

-Odds come from 10,000 simulations of the tournament, taking into account injuries, Four Factors adjustments, pace, and if the teams have a very close rating - free throw%.  I have updated the sheet to include an adjustment for shortened lineups (i.e. best players playing).

-Sleeper Rating is a rating from 1 to 5 that measures total volatility above Expected Wins, with successive rounds being weighted twice as much (i.e. using ESPN scoring). It's a good measure for teams with statistical ability to go further than my Exp. Wins suggests.

LARGE POOL PICK VALUE = (a team's odds  -  the public's expected odds )x total point value
This highlights high-value picks versus the field (namely, ESPN's bracket challenge)

VALUE + EXPECTED POINTS = Total Point Value + Large Pool Pick Value
This is a slightly more conservative version of "Large Pool Pick Value"

All statistics from except injury estimates from
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