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This is fun: - for all NBA players in 2010 with 25+ minutes per game, who have played 40+ games.

I created a stat that shows us some representation of the % of the time a player gets a rebound, versus the % of the time their man gets the rebound.

Their man is assumed to be an average player whose rebounding percent (offensive reb% while player in question is on defense, etc) is ~80% the rebounding percent at the player's position, and 20% the average rebounding percentage of all other players. For example:

Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook (great offensive rebounder for a point guard) collects 6% of all available rebounds while he is on offense. His 'man' is likely to be a point guard, but there is a chance (here estimated to be 20%) that his man will be a different player.
Point guards collect ~10.2% of all available defensive rebounds, while the rest of their team gets on average around 16%. So, (80%*.102)+(20%*.16)=.1016, or ~10.2%.
His 6% versus his 'man's' 10.2% gives him an offensive boxout% of 37.1% by dividing like this:

Westbrook's 6% Offensive rebounds / (His 6% Offensive Rebounds + 'Man's' 10.2% offensive rebounds) = 37.1%

Finally, the two are averaged. This gives us the total percent of rebounds the player gets, versus their 'man' (a weighted average does not do this).

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