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Players of the Month: December (so far)

Welcome, all! Here I will be grading players according to their estimated offensive and defensive impacts (using my per-100-possession stat, SimplePlayerRating) via Month-of-December-State. I'm rolling out my Defensive SPR here, finally. Formula at the bottom.

EDIT: Fixed the per-game numbers.

Surprises of the month go to: Andray Blatche (#6 #7), Paul George (#9 #10), Kemba Walker (#10 #11) and JJ Hickson (#17 #21!!!).

Without further ado, here are your top and bottom 26.

The Top 26

PlayerSeasonOSPRDSPRTotal SPRSPR per Game
1Carmelo Anthony2012-1310.6-
2LeBron James2012-
3Blake Griffin2012-
4Kevin Durant2012-
5Chris Paul2012-
6Kobe Bryant2012-136.4-
7Andray Blatche2012-
8Ryan Anderson2012-137.9-
9Tony Parker2012-137.3-
10Paul George2012-
11Kemba Walker2012-136.4-
12Chris Copeland2012-1312.
13Russell Westbrook2012-
15Stephen Curry2012-135.0-
16Paul Millsap2012-
17James Harden2012-
18Tyson Chandler2012-
19Andrei Kirilenko2012-
21J.J. Hickson2012-
20Matt Barnes2012-
22Ed Davis2012-
23Dwyane Wade2012-135.3-
24David Lee2012-
27Kyrie Irving2012-135.9-
26Eric Bledsoe2012-

The Bottom 26

PlayerSeasonOSPRDSPRTotal SPRSPR per Game
387Daniel Gibson2012-13-5.5-1.7-7.2-3.9
386Kyle Singler2012-13-4.1-1.8-5.9-3.8
388Doron Lamb2012-13-8.9-1.6-10.5-3.8
382Mickael Pietrus2012-13-4.6-1.1-5.7-3.5
383Andre Iguodala2012-13-5.30.7-4.6-3.4
379Chris Singleton2012-13-5.90.1-5.8-3.3
381J.R. Smith2012-13-3.6-1.5-5.1-3.3
378Andrea Bargnani2012-13-3.2-2.2-5.4-3.2
377Victor Claver2012-13-11.32.0-9.3-3.2
376Jeff Taylor2012-13-3.1-2.3-5.4-3.1
374Jerry Stackhouse2012-13-4.0-2.6-6.6-3.0
375Bismack Biyombo2012-13-5.00.5-4.5-3.0
372Alonzo Gee2012-13-3.3-0.8-4.1-3.0
373Gerald Green2012-13-4.7-1.9-6.7-2.9
370Willie Green2012-13-5.6-2.2-7.8-2.8
369Festus Ezeli2012-13-7.6-0.9-8.5-2.6
368Dahntay Jones2012-13-4.1-2.4-6.5-2.6
367Austin Rivers2012-13-2.6-1.7-4.3-2.6
365Keith Bogans2012-13-9.1-2.6-11.7-2.6
364Sebastian Telfair2012-13-3.2-2.4-5.6-2.4
363Aaron Brooks2012-13-2.7-1.6-4.3-2.4
361Martell Webster2012-13-2.8-1.0-3.8-2.4
362John Salmons2012-13-1.8-1.8-3.6-2.4
359Jason Maxiell2012-13-5.41.6-3.8-2.3
360Tony Allen2012-13-6.11.5-4.6-2.3
358Nolan Smith2012-13-6.5-2.8-9.3-2.3

-The formula for DSPR is
DSPR = (1.3xSteals - 0.1xMissedFG + 0.2xDRB + 0.5xBLK)x100/Possessions Played - 3

-OSPR can be found here.

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