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Praise for The Basketball Distribution:

"...confusing." - CBS
"...quite the pun master." - ESPN
Point Margin Above Replacement Player, or PMARP, and its adjusted counterpart, EMARP

FM=Final Margin (of your team)
Net=points scored - points scored by your man
Min%=percent of minutes played
+/-=PlusMinus=point margin change while you're on the floor
OFF=point margin change while you're off the floor

2 categories:

1) Teammate Help Added=THA
TS THA=Team Sum THA=Combined THA of entire team

2) Personal Help Added=PHA

SHA=Sum Help Added=THA+PHA

SHAPP=Sum Help Added Per Possession=(THA+PHA)/(Team Possessions Played x Minute%)

GameAdjusted SHAPP=SHAPP-(Team Efficiency Margin/5)

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