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Leaders in Points-Created

Hey All!

Using Dean Oliver's formula for estimated "assisted-shot%" (recounted here) and some other basic stats, I've come up with some handy quick-n-dirty numbers early in the 2014 (GAMES AS OF 11/18/2013)

"Points Created"
This number combines: Points from field-goals (not-assisted on), Points from free throws, and assists multiplied by the average points per team field goal made (typically around 2.1).

"Possessions Used"
This number combines: Field goal attempts minus assisted field-goal-makes, 44% of Free Throw Attempts, assists, and turnovers

From these I got Per-100-possession stats, including "Points Created Per 100 above positional average" to help normalize for position (especially useful for finding who the best passers & scorers are for their position). Also I'll be showing Points Created / Points Used (Points Per Possession).

Here you go!

Top-10 Most Possessions Used Per 100:

Top-10 Points Created / Points Used (Points Per Possession):

Top-10 Points Created Per 100:

Top-10 Points Created Per 100 (Above Positional Average):

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