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my bracket-maker is pretty much ready!

once selection sunday is over, I can put in the data and have it spit out random brackets!

Cool features:

1) I don't strictly use Kenpom's data. The data automatically adjusts here for teams I think he overrates or underrates, according to the regression line of their over/underperformance.
2) You can tell my program how random you want it to be. At 100% randomness, a team's chance of moving on is exactly equal to my predicted chance of them winning. For example, if Providence were playing Louisville, my program gives Providence a 28% chance of moving on. If Providence gets 'lucky,' they move on in the bracket.

But at 0% randomness, the better team always wins. Or, the team my system predicts to win, always moves on to the next round.

I'll be selling this thing for $5 via Paypal, and for free if you help me collect the data! :)

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