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Player Offensive Efficiency

EDIT: I fixed the strength of schedule-adjustment.

Sorry, no team analysis today. Too few games have been played for me to feel comfortable analyzing with variance or a multivariate regression.

Instead, here's a quick peek at the formula by which players will be rated (offensively) on my new site (coming soon!)

Adjusted Player Offensive Rating =
Poss% x (ORTG x LeagueAverage)/(player's team SOS of oppD)
+ (1-Poss%) x LeagueAvgEfficiency

This basically shows how an average team would benefit (offensively) by replacing one of their players with the player in question. However, most of the values will be very close to the league average (I assume), so we will use a Net value to better isolate the player's value.

Net Offensive Rating =
Adjusted Player Offensive Rating - LeagueAvgEfficiency

I will hopefully soon do the same with defensive rating, although Ken Pomeroy does not calculate these. I'll have to improvise.

EDIT: Fixed the system. Kyle Irving posts an 8.8 instead of a 12.3
Stay tuned.

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