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Offensive Decision%

Finally, some good old fashioned statistics that don't have really good theory behind them!
Often-times, when I'm watching a basketball game, I mentally determine who is making the most good decisions and the most bad decisions on offense.

So here's a basic metric of what my eyes see, and I call it Offensive Decision %. It basically measures, poorly, Good Offensive Decisions / Total Offensive Decisions.

=(FGM + Assists + .44 * FTM) / (FGA + Assists + TO + .44 * FTA)

And here's the top NBA players (as of earlier this week) with median minutes played or more.


  1. I might convert FGM to 2PtFGM + 1.5*3Ptfgm for a different look

  2. But then I would have to start weighing EVERYTHING properly! :D I guess part of my reasoning in this is just looking at Good Decisions / Total Decisions, rather than Effectiveness of Decisions.

    I want a real percentage, out of 100 (gives us distribution context!)

  3. Might I point out that it is a good decision for me to shoot and make 46% of my shots if I'm shooting all 3's, but it is a poor decision if I'm shooting all 2's?


  4. Also--what's with the assists? Why add them to both top and bottom? Is it as part of an assists/(assists + TO) construct?

  5. Yes, basically that. i.e. Good Decisions / (Good Decisions + Bad Decisions)

  6. (Good Decisions)/(All Decisions)



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