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Most (& Least) Valuable Players in the 2011 Playoffs, Pre-Finals Edition

EDIT: I have also posted the most & least efficient players to Google Docs (as many of the poor performances don't make it into the bottom 25 as such players lost their series).

Here are the top & bottom 25, respectively. (These are not adjusted for opponent quality).

The numbers are based on my statistical plus-minus numbers, which I convert to wins via the "Pythagorean" formula. (Although I give each player the same baseline "team" value here for simplicity).

PlayerTmwin% added per gameplayoff wins added
1LeBron JamesMIA18.9%2.84
2Kevin DurantOKC16.5%2.80
3Dirk NowitzkiDAL14.5%2.17
4Dwyane WadeMIA12.3%1.85
5Jason KiddDAL10.7%1.60
6James HardenOKC9.2%1.56
7Derrick RoseCHI9.6%1.54
8Chris BoshMIA8.3%1.25
9Joakim NoahCHI6.8%1.09
10Chris PaulNOH17.7%1.06
11Zach RandolphMEM7.7%1.00
12Jason TerryDAL6.3%0.95
13Kevin GarnettBOS10.4%0.94
14Ray AllenBOS10.2%0.91
15Luol DengCHI5.0%0.80
16Russell WestbrookOKC4.2%0.71
17Marc GasolMEM4.8%0.62
18Nick CollisonOKC3.3%0.57
19Shawn MarionDAL3.4%0.51
20Paul PierceBOS5.4%0.48
21Rajon RondoBOS5.3%0.48
22Marcus CambyPOR7.2%0.43
23Dwight HowardORL7.1%0.43
24Danny GrangerIND8.4%0.42
25Tyson ChandlerDAL2.8%0.42

And the worst:

PlayerTmwin% added per gameplayoff wins added
1Mike BibbyMIA-6.1%-0.92
2Kendrick PerkinsOKC-5.1%-0.86
3DeShawn StevensonDAL-3.9%-0.58
4Amare StoudemireNYK-12.8%-0.51
5Marco BelinelliNOH-8.5%-0.51
6Sam YoungMEM-3.6%-0.47
7Richard JeffersonSAS-7.1%-0.43
8J.J. RedickORL-7.1%-0.42
9Joe JohnsonATL-3.5%-0.42
10Glen DavisBOS-4.4%-0.39
11Joel AnthonyMIA-2.4%-0.36
12Emeka OkaforNOH-5.9%-0.35
13Jarrett JackNOH-5.6%-0.34
14Tyler HansbroughIND-6.7%-0.34
15Wilson ChandlerDEN-6.6%-0.33
16Marvin WilliamsATL-2.7%-0.33
17Landry FieldsNYK-7.6%-0.30
18Jason CollinsATL-2.4%-0.28
19Raymond FeltonDEN-5.7%-0.28
20Willie GreenNOH-4.6%-0.28
21Arron AfflaloDEN-9.2%-0.28
22Lamar OdomLAL-2.7%-0.27
23J.R. SmithDEN-5.5%-0.27
24Bill WalkerNYK-6.5%-0.26
25Antonio McDyessSAS-4.1%-0.25

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