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100th post, and a recap of my latest tweets....

100th post!
Hoorah! This blog and twitter have given me a wee voice with which to share the math that runs through my head. Holla to my loyal few!

Updated Ratings
NBA Ratings as of 11/29
This iteration includes predicted wins (assuming an average season's worth of home & away opponents).

Recent Twitterings:
-Tyler Zeller's offensive impact. This is based off of the formulas in my prior post, alongside some basic estimates of what a player's teammates produce. The method here does not encapsulate all usable offensive statistics like Dean Oliver's offensive rating, although I have done that in the past. Perhaps I should just stick with that?

-Good News for the 76ers and Bad News for the Magic -- although other stats-head would likely tell you a similar story.

-The Bobcats (I know I said Hornets....gimme a break) are consistent -- and therefore consistently sub-par. The top of a 95% confidence interval maxes out the H...Bobcats at ~41 wins.

Finally - if anyone's interested, I can keep updating NBA league-wide win probabilities (which are probably more accurate than the expected output from my point ratings).

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