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Another Look @ Game 3

based on Engalmann's latest adjustement to Regularized Adjusted Plus-Minus

raw est APM(100)=Estimate of adjusted +/- per 100
adj est +/- (G)= estimated contribution to team point margin during the game (adjusted for % of minutes played, quality of opponent, location)

teamPlayersMPTOV%ORtgDRtg+/-raw est APM(100)adj est +/-(G)
MIALeBron James45.320.210410814.113.73
DALDirk Nowitzki42.010.712899124.993.52
MIADwyane Wade38.60137101-13.612.79
MIAMario Chalmers28.811.113111063.141.79
DALTyson Chandler40.0013710442.981.68
DALJason Kidd35.531.110010952.471.11
MIAUdonis Haslem29.012.58610551.700.94
DALDeShawn Stevenson14.20278113-73.060.62
MIAJoel Anthony23.1010810230.990.41
MIAMike Miller12.250268640.11-0.01
MIAJuwan Howard6.4014610960.05-0.01
DALBrian Cardinal0.100116-3-9.17-0.02
DALShawn Marion43.113.489113-10.84-0.11
MIAChris Bosh37.5989114-10-0.13-0.22
DALIan Mahinmi8.00145115-6-2.64-0.60
DALPeja Stojakovic6.133.36098-11-4.01-0.63
MIAMike Bibby19.116.760101-4-1.65-0.72
DALJose Juan Barea19.031.1521123-1.67-1.05
DALJason Terry32.10112109-6-0.75-1.15

(Plus-minus number also gives us estimates for OnCourt +/- per 100 minus OffCourt +/- per 100, and teammate OnCourt minus OffCourt, both of which adjust the Offensive Rating, Defensive Rating, and Turnover% values)

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