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Game 2! (Very late...)

I finally came up with a formula that helps regress crazy values (i.e. Dirk off the court was worth -100 points per 100 possessions in game 2).

"Adjusted" +/- per 100 is a simple combination of Net +/- (ON - OFF), offensive rating, and defensive rating

DALLAS by 2, (tying the series at 1-1)

teamStartersmin%ORtgDRtg+/-Adj +/- per 100Total +/- Contrib.
MIADwyane Wade87.8%14810753.793.33
DALDirk Nowitzki87.6%97106133.282.88
DALTyson Chandler79.4%15410843.092.45
DALJason Terry64.8%124105133.542.29
DALShawn Marion85.2%12310612.131.81
MIAMike Bibby46.0%1459873.341.54
MIAChris Bosh82.9%7111231.491.23
MIALeBron James82.5%99101-51.271.05
DALJason Kidd78.2%7210610.820.65
DALDeShawn Stevenson46.1%13195-50.820.38
DALBrendan Haywood17.0%651125-0.15-0.02
DALBrian Cardinal2.1%108-4-3.30-0.07
MIAMario Chalmers51.9%98116-7-0.33-0.17
DALPeja Stojakovic10.3%0114-7-3.53-0.36
DALJose Barea29.3%82109-11-1.69-0.50
MIAJoel Anthony55.9%1142-0.94-0.52
MIAMike Miller31.6%099-3-1.97-0.62
MIAUdonis Haslem61.3%52114-12-1.76-1.08

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