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The Supporting Cast picks up The German's Slack - Game 6

LeBron had a bad day - but so did Dirk.

Bosh, Chalmers, and Wade are the only Miami players who appear to have a positive impact.

Raw Est APM(100) = Estimate of per-100-possessions impact
Adj Est +/- (G) = Estimate of point margin impact during the game

teamStartersMPTOV%ORtgDRtg+/-Raw Est APM(100)Adj Est +/- (G)
DALJason Kidd36.325.8143108185.323.25
DALJason Terry33.914.5130104133.591.82
DALShawn Marion35.413.7100105183.211.61
MIAChris Bosh38.97.614411341.631.52
MIAMario Chalmers38.515.811011151.021.01
DALBrian Cardinal12.250131111183.740.69
MIADwyane Wade41.120.89011230.400.54
DALTyson Chandler30.1171089831.430.26
DALIan Mahinmi11.0015496-10.17-0.19
DALDeShawn Stevenson12.60174104-8-0.51-0.40
MIAEddie House21.10131112-1-1.27-0.45
DALJose Juan Barea29.620117103-7-0.05-0.66
MIAJuwan Howard7.034.70122-11-7.84-1.10
DALDirk Nowitzki38.96.77898-4-0.43-1.17
MIAJoel Anthony10.9063120-3-5.58-1.22
MIAUdonis Haslem33.90119117-7-1.98-1.23
MIAMike Miller8.300119-16-10.02-1.69
MIALeBron James40.426.497115-24-3.31-2.58

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