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Top 25 Players as of 1/18/2011

I have adjusted minutes% for teammate quality and injuries (I factor back in minutes played above or below what we would expect a coach to play them with a number I call SQZ: how much more or less a coach squeezes out of a player over the course of a game.)

True Impact per Game = Efficiency Impact x (expected min% while healthy, with average teammates)

 rankplayerteamORTGusage%DRTGTrue Impact per Game
1Kevin JonesWest Virginia129.624.292.59.6
2Jared SullingerOhio State128.926.3769.4
3Damian LillardWeber State136.
4Marcus DenmonMissouri140.523.293.98.6
5Thomas RobinsonKansas117.328.278.78.5
6Anthony DavisKentucky140.51873.68.1
7Doug McDermottCreighton127.731.61027.9
8Kenny BoyntonFlorida135.924.6102.87.6
9Dominique MorrisonOral Roberts13125.4103.17.4
10Will BartonMemphis1192694.47.3
11Cody ZellerIndiana13422.2907.2
12J'Covan BrownTexas122.628.2100.77.1
13John ShurnaNorthwestern117.527.4102.47.0
14Mike ScottVirginia127.128.782.36.9
15Jae CrowderMarquette124.623.384.66.7
16Isaiah CanaanMurray State130.326.495.86.6
17Deshaun ThomasOhio State124.823.889.76.6
18Hollis ThompsonGeorgetown12921.3936.6
19John JenkinsVanderbilt127.126.31016.6
20Nate WoltersSouth Dakota State121.230101.96.4
21Ricardo RatliffeMissouri138.222.491.56.3
22Jeremy LambConnecticut120.923.61006.2
23Drew CrawfordNorthwestern119.125.5104.76.2
24Jordan TaylorWisconsin115.824.586.76.2
25Jason ClarkGeorgetown117.526.189.86.0

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