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NCAA Power Ratings

I now have my own usually-updated NCAA power ratings. (Located at the top of the page).

These are simply based on point margin, and I adjust for consistency, recency, and which teams appear to play up or down to their opponents (i.e. fixing the issue of cupcake-killers), in the spirit of the work of DSMok1 aka Daniel.

"Original Rating" is basically SRS, simply adjusting a team's point differential by their opponent's point differential several layers down.

"Quality Rating" weighs each opponent/game by their "original rating" and whether or not a game was at home or away. The final result of a very difficult game is worth the most in this average, and the final result of a very easy game impacts this the least.

"Cupcake Rating" does the exact opposite of "quality rating."

Finally, each team is ranked by using my expected outcome (from Quality/Cupcake/Original ratings) against the top-25 "Original" teams. This gives us a basic idea of how teams might fare come March.

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