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Kenpom has made a "Fanmatch" formula, to find which games will BE THE MOST EXCITING....which sounds a bit familiar to my last post.

Thankfully, he trusts his stats WAYY too much. And he assumes that higher-scoring games will be more exciting.

Unfortunately, despite faster paces being more 'exciting,' what is FAR more exciting is a CLOSE GAME at the end, which fast paces decrease the chance of .
(i.e., 2 teams averaging 1.1 and 1.2 points per possession would score 55 and 60 @50 possessions, a 5-point game---whereas they would score 110 and 120 @100 possessions, a 10 point game)

If you like faster games more than close games, then oh well.

So out of a small amount of anger, I will give MY FanMatches against his fanmatches.

And I'll tell you my formula: the % chance that the final scoring margin will be +/- 9.

Day: Team1 at Team2- My% (His%)

Friday: Loyola MD at Manhattan - 60% (29%)
Saturday: Wake Forest at Clemson- 66% (89%)
Sunday: Minnesota at Northwestern - 66% (75%)

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