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Wake Forest v. UNC pt II

Here's the motivating factors:

Wake Forest:
-wants to prove that they should have been televised(this is their first televised game)
-wants to prove themselves against yet another top-team (right after beating BYU at BYU)

North Carolina:
-North Carolina wants to prove that their offense can still be insane, and their defense can be tighter (especially by making smarter traps)
-North Carolina wants to definitively prove that the BC game was a massive fluke

WFU: Offense is worse than Eastern Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Boston College, and North Dakota State (47th). They don't play well offensively in games where they draw fouls -- if UNC is aggressive, Wake will have issues. They rely a lot on forcing turnovers. If Lawson gets back on his low-turnover track, they will be doomed. Also, Wake has a tendency to do worse in faster-paced games (which Carolina brings).

UNC: Has similar turnover issues, but not as much. But if Ty Lawson can bring his stealing game above what Wake Forest can stop, UNC will have a dandy day. Also, if they don't get defensive rebounds, their entire defense falls apart. Again, their traps continually seem to be played unintelligently (I am not entirely sure what Roy is thinking when he turns traps into the game-changing strategy....) If Carolina's offense goes in the trend of the Oral Roberts and Boston College games, Wake Forest will have no problem shutting them down, with their insane average-opponent-prediction of .833 points per possession.

My prediction: Carolina - 89, Wake Forest - 82

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