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The Humans are a Little Too Impressed...

As it gets down to crunch time for the teams who are on the bubble, and as the 68-team-field will be together in under 100 hours, I present to you a quick summary of the teams that impress pollsters, but not computer ratings.

"The Computers Aren't As Impressed"

Notre Dame: #4 AP, #4 Coaches, #15 Pomeroy
Now statistically, we can't really be sure of where a team's true value lies any better than +/- ten places or so, but currently Notre Dame's good record comes from winning close games (13th in 'Luck'). I would be relatively surprised if Notre Dame made it to the final four, although they have a decent chance of getting a #1 seed.

Arizona: #16 AP, #15 Coaches, #28 Pomeroy
Again, Arizona is good, but they're not that good. Many of their wins include single-digit-victory home games.

St. Johns: #17 AP, #18 Coaches, #34 Pomeroy
Inconsistency is the key here. Pollsters (and everyone) is impressed with wins against West Virginia, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Duke, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Marquette, Pittsburgh, and Villanova. While many of those wins came closely at home, this still is a huge sample of good performance against good teams. This St. John's squad has also lost to St. Bonaventure at home, Fordham on the road, Seton Hall on the road (by 14!). Their six Big East losses have come at an average of 14.7 points. Ouch.

Xavier: #18 AP, #20 Coaches, #35 Pomeroy
Xavier has definitely improved. After only beating Western Michigan by 3 at home, going into overtime with IUPUI Ft. Wayne at home, and losing to Miami OH on the road by eleven, they have won 16 of their last 17. The computers are not impressed, however, by the mediocre schedule those 16 wins came against. The one loss in that stretch? To #207-Pomeroy Charlotte.

Temple: #24 AP, #25 Coaches, #38 Pomeroy
Again, the pollsters just felt like boosting up a mid-major with lots of wins. While Temple beat Maryland and Georgetown, they don't have anything particularly great on their resume (the Georgetown win came at home, and was only by 3). Temple has mostly been feeding off their weak conference to get here.

That's all for now. Selection Sunday and bracket simulations coming soon!

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