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S-Curve Madness: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Wow, what a bracket. I'll be very quick here (forgive me if I miss something important), as I've got to get moving on my official predictions.

The good:

-Notre Dame didn't get a 1-seed (they didn't deserve one).
-St. Johns was a 6-seed (still a bit too over-seeded, but I'll take it).

The bad:
-Utah St, Clemson, Missouri, Gonzaga, Marquette are significantly better than their seeds suggest.
-Obviously, Virginia Tech not making the tournament is pretty ridiculous.
-Duke has the easiest path in the world until they will likely meet (#4 Pomeroy) Texas in the Sweet 16.

The ugly:

-As I disdainfully remarked on twitter, Belmont is seeded worse than ~THIRTY FOUR teams that have played worse than them, according to Ken Pomeroy's very reliable ratings. By adjusted efficiency, Belmont is #18 and Wisconsin #9. By adjusted margin of victory, they are #20 and #11. By genius-math-hyper-accurate-point-margin, they are #4 and #12. Ugh.

-Carolina vs. Washington is a very similar matchup, if they both go to the round of 32. Pomeroy has UNC at #14, Washington at #15. LRMC has UNC at #15 and Washington at #8. And Raymond has UNC at #14, Wash. at #7.

Alright, I'll keep everyone posted. Let's go Georgia!

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